Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Balance is one of the first things you learn as you learn how to cook. You add salt to bring out flavor. Acid to counter something leaning saccharine. It’s a relatively basic concept reinforced all the time on cooking shows like Chopped and Master Chef. You are always aiming for rounded, dimensional bites.

Over the last week, I realized the best food writers do the same. The best food writing is not one note. If writing solely about food's flavor and texture is the melody of a piece, nuance and cultural commentary should be applied like counter melody, exposition like harmony. Each component works in tandem and is featured in time.

As a writer I’m subconsciously thinking in circles and parallels and flow to help me resolve the chords of a narrative just so. It doesn’t always work, but it’s something to strive for. Cooking or writing, we constantly have to choose to pursue balance. There is a promise of greatness in it.