Between Past & Present Tense

I'm normally a homebody on New Year's Eve. I settle down with my journal and write a long retrospective, but this year I flew to Boston. I saw some of my all time favorite humans, broke some bread with them, and I've come home feeling like I've filled up my soul with all the love it can carry. A damn good start to 2016.

I was so excited to be with everyone that I didn't take a lot of pictures. Here are some highlights!

I flew in the same night as some other friends arrived by train so I came into an apartment full of good food smells and a lot of wine. It was good to hug and catch up with some people I hadn't seen since college graduation... Never again will I let it go that long without seeing their mean mugs. Clean up the next was a bit rough, but please note the Elderflower syrup in the photo below. You can get this at Ikea and it was great in cocktails.

2015-12-31 09.24.56.jpg

A group of us--eight!!--went for High Tea at the Boston Public Library. This was definitely us living the Luxe Life as it was not cheap at all. The food was good and the tea was great. It was a really fun few hours. Lots of laughing and feeling a bit out of place in the midst of such a formal experience. Would highly recommend doing something like this with friends if you have the time and means!

I've been hearing about Bagelsaurus for ages now and it definitely lived up to the hype. We went on a Saturday morning and although that's typically a really bad day to go for line-wise, the line was actually really manageable especially since on the other end of the line was something absolutely delicious. Below is a half-eaten cheddar garlic egg sammy. Holy balls that was a fine bagel sandwich. Please feed me only those from now on.

2016-01-02 10.51.10.jpg

I flew home on Sunday, but before I left we held a little brunch potluck party at my friends' apartment. It was a really nice way to say goodbye. I even attempted an egg bake--which none of these East Coasters/single Floridian had ever experienced. They called it a Midwestern fritatta, which, like...fair... I guess... We took a few family photos before leaving. I'm in the middle, peeking over my friend Sam's shoulder. Only my eyes are visible. A+ photo. 

There's probably mounds and mounds of snow in Boston right now, but I would give a lot to be there right now.