Three Recipes I Follow Verbatim

I confess, I'm a chronic recipe tinkerer. When trying a new recipe or style of cooking for the first time, I tend to shop around for recipes, pick and choose variations, and then give it a go. It's just how I tend to cook (and bake).

There are, however, exceptions to my modus oparandi. It was incredibly difficult to think of the recipes I don't change (make minimal adjustments to), but here goes! 

  1. Ruth Reichl's Mushroom Soup

This is some godly soup. I was drawn to this recipe as I was reading Reichl's Comfort Me with Apples and it really delivers. It's decadent and earthy. The flavors and complex despite the rather short prep and cook time. I made this for the first time in the middle of summer, but it's definitely something I'll be revisiting this winter, fall, and any time I need an extra boost of coziness. No changes needed.

      2. Sugar Cookies

The linked recipe is not exact and the one I use is from an old copy of Pillsbury Family Recipes. I'm a sentimentalist. I've been making these cookies with my mother every year at Christmas for my entire life. They put other sugar cookies to shame and it's a recipe I look forward to passing down to my (way off in the future) kids. I think our real kicker to this is our icing, which compliments these simple cookies perfectly. You can expect that recipe this winter. ;)

      3. Spaghetti Carbonara c/o Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart knows what's up when it comes to creating fast and delicious family meals. I've pulled this one out dozens of time when I can't think of anything else to cook. It never disappoints and I almost always have all the ingredients on hand. I follow this as written, but do add about a third cup of frozen peas to the mix as they add a little pop of sweetness.

Do you have any recipes on standby that you follow as written? Let me know in the comments or tweet them to me @ascanthalfcup.