21 August 2015: Watch, Listen, Eat

It's Friday, y'all! Let's use this well deserved weekend to catch up some things...


Season 3 of The Mind of a Chef is now on Netflix! I've been pacing myself this time around and haven't quite finished it, but so far Ed Lee has been brilliant. Terrifically introspective and basically everything he says about American cuisine has me nodding along like a bobble head. 


Kishi Bashi sounds like sitting in your backyard on a summer night. Plus the food puns HAR HAR HAR (perfection).


PEACHES! One of my favorite things in all of my human experience is to hold a ripe peach just under my nose and let the fuzz tickle my skin and breathe in that beautiful smell. It's earth and water and sweetness. What a magical thing. Running to the farmer's market tomorrow morning to pick up some more. A peach pie recipe is coming your way next week so maybe you should stock up too!