Top 5 End of Summer Teas

I'm making this list because you care (yeah, right). No, I'm making this list because it's important to my soul. Tea is great. Drink it all the time. Drink it hot. Drink it cold. Scorn espresso and kick coffee nerds in the shins.

5. Sweet Tea - Very difficult to make in the North. The climate is just not right for it. Plus I never can make it sweet enough. This is a tea to be enjoyed sparingly and to get from Whataburger at 1 AM.

4. Harney & Sons: Paris - Paris is delicious. It's a complex tea that feels delicate and cozy at the same time. Make it hot in the morning with a lil cream and sugar. Cold brew some loose leaf overnight in a mason jar and bring it to work and rub your cool Pinterest ass caffeine fix in your dumb iced coffee coworker's face. Boom. Donezo. 

3. Cold Brewed Green Tea w/ Fresh Mint - If your one of those suckers that has bought into the green tea health wagon (too much of anything will kill you let's just wait a few years and see what Science has to say about green tea smh), you'll love this! If not, you might like it anyway!!! Steep your green tea over night in the fridge. Rip up and add a few sprigs of fresh mint in the morning and you're good to go! 

2. Teapigs: Licorice and Mint - Like Earl Grey, this is a drink any season tea. Unlike Earl Grey, this is not caffeinated so I can drink it after dinner and go to sleep on time. It's a beautiful mistress. Naturally sweet, but not cloying. Gimme it while I'm watching the sun set over a secluded lake near some forest. Just gimme!

1. Loose Leaf Green Tea w/ Goji Berries - Holy mother of Betty Crocker this snizz is dee-loy-shussss. I'm not really a green tea fan. It's usually more finicky than black to steep and so I just leave it alone unless I'm cold brewing. I originally discovered this this in Raleigh, NC at a specialty shop with my friend Megan. I only cold brew this tea, but I'd bet it's probably amazing hot. It's so light and refreshing. Everything that fruit infused water should be and usually isn't.

Partial to any teas that I left out? Don't believe in drinking hot beverages in the hotter months? Let me know in the comments~